Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Place of Marriage

Q. : I am not from Delhi, can I marriage in Delhi?

Ans. : Yes, you can do marriage in Delhi or anywhere in India this is your fundamental right.


Legal Help

Q. : Do you provide legal advice?

Ans. : Yes, we provide 100% Free Legal Advise, we have Delhi’s best legal team M/s Delhi Law Firm®


No Notice @ Home

Q. : Do you send marriage notice at our home?

Ans. : No, we never send any notice at your home.


Police Protection

Q. : How can we get police protection after marriage?

Ans. : We have Arya Samaj Legal Cell, the legal team will help you to provide the police protection and other legal remedy.

Court Marriage & Registration

Q. : Do you provide court marriage / registration services?

Ans. : Yes, if you wish to register your marriage in court or want to do court marriage, then our Arya Samaj Legal Cell team will provide you these services.

Marriage Outside Delhi

Q. : I am from other state, can I do Arya Samaj Marriage in my own state?

Ans. : If both boy’s and girl’s parents are agree to be a witness in your marriage then you can do Arya Samaj marriage outside Delhi else visit Delhi’s Arya Samaj Mandir for marriage.

Marriage Privacy

Q. : What about my privacy?

Ans. : 100% privacy of the boy & girl guaranteed by the Arya Samaj – Head Office

How can I book my marriage?

Q. : How can I book my marriage?

Ans. : You can book your marriage by any of the following ways:-

  1. Submit online form
  2. Call Toll Free Helpline 1800119091 or Live Chat
  3. Visit Arya Samaj Mandir for address Click Here
  4. Visit Arya Samaj Legal Cell

Arya Samaj Mandir® Head Office